Generic Programming

Last updated 15 December 1998
Objectives and Meta-Outline

Part I: Fundamental Concepts

Chapter 1: Introduction (content)

Chapter 2: Fundamentals (content)

Chapter 3: Software Components (content)

Part II: Algorithms on Algebraic Structures

Chapter 4: Arithmetic (content)

Chapter 5: Algebra and Number Theory

Chapter 6: Encryption

Part III: Algorithms on Sequential Structures

Chapter 7: Iterators (content)

Chapter 8: Permutations

Chapter 9: Index- and Value-Based Permutation Algorithms

Chapter 10: Sorting And Related Algorithms

Part IV: Data Structures and Containers

Chapter: Data Structure Principles

Chapter: Sequential Data Structures

Chapter: Associative Data Structures

Part V: Programming Languages and Software Engineering

Chapter: Language Design for Generic Programming


Appendix A: Glossary (content)

Appendix B: Axioms and Key Principles

Appendix C: Summary of Code

Bibliography (content)

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